How to Recondition Batteries at Home Within Few Minutes?

By | March 28, 2017

Batteries are of different sizes and each has its own utility, worth as well as holding in the market. Having said so, it is important to mention that Americans buy these dry cell batteries in huge quantity – yes, somewhere around three to three and a half billion pieces per year. The question which may arise at this point is, “what are these batteries used”? Well, these are consumed by the radios, laptops, mobile phones, wrist and table clocks, power tools and similar products.

Moreover, the next query which one can come up with is, “how to recondition batteries at home”? If we go into detail, we will find out a lot of situations and cases in which dead batteries, let them be of the car or any other device or product, in which it is better and more convenient to repair batteries at home. Reconditioning batteries is another field of interest; something which is more or less of use by those who are into fixing devices, such as batteries. In this article, we have catered the outlook of objects as of today’s and tomorrow’s need.

How to Recondition Batteries at Home?

Aim and prime focus of these batteries is to get in the functioning form, giving the same impact as of a new one. Surprisingly one can recondition batteries of a car by him/her self without using electricity as a recharging mode. This helps in getting the result in somewhat a bit more time than with the usage of power. Four of the best ways to recondition batteries at home are mentioned below. These methods will answer your question “How to recondition batteries at home”.

Reconditioning A Battery at Home Method 1:

Here is one of the best ways to recondition batteries at home without the use of electricity. The stepwise method is explained below so that you or anyone can follow instructions and get the required result. First thing first it is important to know the type of cells which transfers into a battery once it is charged with the help of solar energy.

  1. Let the cell turn its direction to the sun; which is typically made up of photovoltaic properties.
  2. Once it is all charged, you are ready to use it for the recharging purposes.
  3. Bring it near the car and recharge it.
  4. It might take more than one hour to recharge the battery.
  5. If cell dries out, then repeat the procedure till the battery is fully charged.

Reconditioning A Battery at Home Method 2:

Squeezed lemons and limes are another way to recondition a dead battery. Submerge a battery which is dead AAA and of alkaline into lime or lemon juice. Let it duck it for an hour at least. If let’s say that the acid present in the juice gives a bump-start the battery, it will recharge the battery maximum to eight to eighty-five percent of the actual energy.

This method can easily be followed in a house, but we are not sure of the information. It is because we have not experienced it yet and would wait for the reply which can help us write more about it.

Reconditioning A Battery at Home Method 3:

Plug the battery in the USB port of the laptop. Finding different sizes of batteries (AA and AAA) with 9 volts are easiest to get the item which needs to get recharged into the functional mode. In the coming days, technology would be so fast that while using email or Facebook, your cell will start recharging on its own.

Reconditioning A Battery at Home Method 4:

Plugging the item in the recharging socket in a car is also a mean through which few devices like that of a phone can be recharged. Other than the phones, iPod and e-cigs can be recharged. The socket in the car is in this regard is helpful, and you can get the answer of “how to recondition batteries at home” easily.

How to Recondition Batteries at Home? Different Usages and Revival Kits:

How to recondition batteries at home of a laptop is stress-free as of the car battery. In this article, you will find the real essence of looking out for the revival of batteries of different types. In the section below, you are about to read about lithium for ion batteries. Let’s delve in the section and get more information.

Lithium ion is majorly used in the laptops as well as camcorders. These batteries in camcorders and laptops are rechargeable, but only in the condition when these batteries are positioned in the wall socket. The point comes in these camcorders or/and laptops in which you may think that the battery is dead. However, a nifty trick can be used in this regard. Following are the steps through which you can revive a battery of camcorder or/and laptop.

Step 1: Removal of battery:

Remove the battery from the place it sits. Make sure that the device is turned off before you remove battery.

Step 2: Secure the Battery:

After removing the battery, make sure that it is wrapped in a thick stack of papers. Secure it in the way that there are no chances of moving. The best way to secure it is through masking or scotch tape.

Step 3: Trick!!

Keep the battery in coldest places, somewhere like a freezer for seven to eight days.

Step 4: Removal from the freezer:

On the 8th day, remove the battery from the freezer. Do not open it till the battery sits outside in the open air for 12 hours.

Step 5: Paper removal:

Remove paper from the battery; make sure that the battery is at room temperature. If it is not, then wait for some more time.

Step 6: Place the battery back:

Place the battery back into the device. Charge it fully then turn it on.

How to recondition batteries at home of laptop, camcorder, cars and others are mentioned in this article. This is how we can get the batteries refurbished or revived. It is however of our own easiness to get these batteries reconditioned at home; otherwise there are ways too.

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