Everything You Need to Know About Reconditioned Car Batteries

By | April 28, 2017

Buying a new battery is no joke; it costs way more than one would expect. If you are looking for one that costs less, you will have to make some compromises, namely regarding the warranty. If you want an affordable battery, then you may have to purchase one that comes without a guarantee. It alone causes doubts in one’s mind over quality, performance and lifespan. This brings almost any person to the question, is there any way of getting out of purchasing a battery only to eventually have it lose its life? The answer is yes! The easiest way to save money is by purchasing reconditioned car batteries or reconditioning one yourself.

What do you need to look out for when buying  reconditioned car batteries?

There are a few things that you need to look out for before you take the plunge and buy reconditioned car batteries. The plus point in this is that it will be very affordable for you, but the downside is that you will not get any guarantee or warranty with it.


You need to be a good judge of people when purchasing reconditioned car batteries from a vendor. If you can tell that the individual is fair in their dealings and has a good reputation, then purchasing from them should not be a problem. However, if you haven’t heard good stuff about them or do not get a good vibe from them, then trust your gut feeling and forgo the purchase; you will eventually find someone better than them.


You need to take a good look at the battery. If you have the eye, you will be able to somewhat guess the age of the battery and the condition that it is being sold in. If the battery looks too old or if it looks rusted, it is best to let go of the deal. However, if you find the opposite of this to be true, then the battery should be good for purchase.

Test the battery

Always ask if you can check the battery. You do not need to install it in your car to do that; simply use a voltmeter to check the voltage that it is giving. If it is in the desired range, then it is good to go, but if not, you better move on from that seller. Another thing is that if the seller does not allow you to test the battery and the situation seems shady to you, you may want to reconsider buying the battery.


Remember that you are purchasing a battery that has been reconditioned and it is not new, so its price should be accordingly. Almost every seller will quote a marked up price to leave room for negotiations, so make sure you try bargaining with them. Eventually, arrive at a price that makes your pocket and the seller happy.

Reconditioning vs. Recharging

The reason that we are adding this small section is that many people fail to understand whether there is a difference between recharging and reconditioning a battery. All you need to know is that yes, there is a difference; recharging and reconditioning have a whole different meaning from each other.

reconditioned car batteries

Make sure that you know this difference as it will come in handy whether you are out looking to purchase one or trying to do it yourself. Recharging is only spending some time to let the battery reach its full potential. For example, you connect your phone to the charger for three hours to have the battery fully charged. You charge a battery when it has the potential to do so.

Reconditioning a battery is entirely different. You will be giving the battery a new life so that it can restore its ability to charge itself again. It’s essentially renovating your battery all over again.

Remember this fundamental difference the next time you have to deal with a car battery issue.

Guidelines for battery reconditioning

There are two ways to go about it; either you purchase reconditioned car batteries, or you go through the entire process yourself. We know it might sound confusing to some, especially those who have no experience, but if you do it once, you will find it easy enough to do it again.

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There are certain guidelines and rules that you need to follow, and it is important that you know them before you decide to do this yourself.

  1. Keep in mind that by reconditioning the car battery, you are saving yourself a ton of money as well as protecting the environment by making sure that the deadly toxins of a battery are not exposed.
  2. A car battery contains sulfuric acid which is one of the most dangerous forms of acid, so you need to be extra careful when handling the battery.
  3. It also contains lead plates which make up the second essential part of the battery. The condition of these plates will determine the outcome of the battery.
  4. This lead sulfate separates and changes back to lead and sulfuric acid once a ‘healthy’ battery is recharged.
  5. The battery undergoes the process of sulfation which produces the required energy to operate the car. This process needs to be smooth so that the battery can work properly.
  6. The crystalline form of lead sulfate on the lead plates is what causes the batteries to fail. If the process of sulfation is reversed, the battery will be restored back to its original form and work perfectly again.

Steps to restore your car battery

The next thing that you need to know, if you plan on reconditioning the battery yourself, is how to go about the entire process. It is not as simple as it seems, so be ready to get into some grunt work. However, as we mentioned before, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to restore batteries like a pro.

  1. Wash the outside of the battery with water and baking soda. This will make sure that the inside does not become contaminated by any harmful substances.
  2. You will need distilled water which is near boiling point; add some Epsom salt to it and make sure that it is completely dissolved. Set this mixture to the side.
  3. Take out the battery cells and clean their openings. Add the above mixture to the cells carefully. You need to make sure that the lead plates inside are covered adequately.
  4. Close the battery again and gently rock it so that the mixture inside covers everything.
  5. Attach the charger to the terminals and let it charge for at least 24 hours.
  6. Repeat the above process at least twice.

Once you have filled it back up with the acid, you will need to let the battery charge itself, and your battery will be almost as good as new.

Benefits of Reconditioned Car Batteries

We have listed down almost everything about reconditioned car batteries, but you need to know about its benefits as well. There is not just one benefit of going through this entire process; you will find there to be quite a few, and all of them will make you want to try the process at least once.


The cost of purchasing reconditioned car batteries or even going through the process yourself is the biggest benefit that you will get out of it. New batteries cost a lot, but if you recondition one yourself or buy a reconditioned one, you will save enough money that it will make you happy and allow you to spend it on some other important thing.


The market of reconditioned car batteries has suddenly witnessed a boom as people become more and more aware of the price factor. Due to this reason, many people have started looking into reconditioning batteries as a business in itself. You can simply buy old batteries, recondition them, and sell them. You can also offer to recondition the batteries for other people. No matter what you choose, you will be satisfied with the outcome. The best part is that this business requires tiny capital and can give you a good profit.


We all know that our environment faces a lot of dangers and that our future generations might suffer because of our carelessness. You can protect the environment by reconditioning batteries. Batteries contain a lot of toxins, so throwing them away will damage the environment in one way or another, but if you recondition them, you will be taking a step towards going green.

You will also be taking part in controlling waste. There will be less plastic thrown out, which means the earth will be a bit of a better place.


A thought that crosses everyone’s mind and is quite natural really is that there will be a significant difference between the operation of a reconditioned battery and a new one, due to which many prefer new ones. What you need to know is that there is little to no difference. Hence, be at peace when using reconditioned car batteries as they will work perfectly fine and you will never be able to tell the difference.

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