Battery Reconditioning Methods – Here is How you can Recondition your Laptop Battery.

By | April 6, 2017

There are different battery reconditioning methods available. Yes, it is a fact. You can recondition your dead batteries and save a lot of money. In the past, it was a myth that you cannot restore a battery. Those days are gone. Now there are different methods available which you can use to restore a battery. Most of the battery manufacturing companies will not like this, but it is true that you can recondition a dead battery. This means you can save a lot of money, and indirectly it affects the business of battery manufacturers. This is why they do not want you to know more about battery reconditioning methods.

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Battery Reconditioning Methods for Laptops:

Here we will discuss two different battery reconditioning methods for laptops. We will discuss every aspect of these methods to restore your laptop battery at home with great ease. However, if you are not able to understand any step then feel free to comment below. We will try our best to answer your query. So, you can restore your dead laptop battery at home.

  • Recharge and Discharge Method:

It is a very simple yet very effective method to recondition any chargeable battery especially laptop batteries. This method does not require any technical know how. So, any one can use this method at home to restore a battery. All you have to do is to charge your laptop battery fully. And then discharge it fully. You may need to perform these steps two to three times.

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This allows the battery to recover its memory and management functions. Once your laptop battery has recovered the memory and management functions then it will start performing just like any new battery. In simple words, you will end up saving money.

  • Cooling Method to Restore a Laptop Battery:

Cooling method is one of the most reliable battery reconditioning methods. It is a simple method. It does not require any technical information to restore a battery.

battery reconditioning

Step 1:

Fully charge your battery. Now use it until your battery completely dies.

Step 2:

Take out your laptop battery and wrap it up in a plastic bag.

Step 3:

Make sure the plastic bag is airtight and it creates a vacuum inside.

Step 4:

Now place the battery in a freezer for 3o minutes.

Step 5:

After thirty minutes take out the battery from the freezer. Make sure it is not moist at all.

Step 6:

Now insert your battery in the laptop and charge it fully. Your battery will now work as if you have bought a new battery from the market.

Do Battery Reconditioning Methods for Laptops Work?

Most of the people think battery reconditioning methods do not work. Honestly speaking, these methods do work. You do not hear too much about battery reconditioning methods just because companies invest a huge amount of money to hide these methods from you. Why? Because if you stop buying new batteries then to whom will they sell their batteries? I think this make sense. Now you have an answer to your question.

Try this laptop battery reconditioning method at home. Using this method you can restore your laptop battery within few minutes.


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